Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dance Fever Recount

On Monday 9 December, we did Dance Fever. We ran through our Foxtrot, Cha cha, and our Hip Hop Routine. We did our lesson together with Room 7. It was fun. Sadly, it was our last session with them.

Orienteering Recount

On Tuesday 10 December, we had orienteering. It was the real game. Everyone was ready for the race. As soon as we were ready, we ran to the control points. Some people were confused of which way was North. I went to G, H, K, L, J, so many letters I had to go to. I was so tired I wanted to give up, but I didn't wanted to.

I was up to my last control, and I ran as fast as my leg could carry me. When, I got to Irene (Instructor), she gave me another course to do. I was dead, when she gave me the other course. I ran control of course 2. I ran, and walked to the controls. As soon as I looked at my paper, I was relieved, because it was I had finished my course. I ran happily to the finish line, and gave Irene the paper. Finally, I thought to myself, 'Yes, I finished!'. I rested down on the bench. 'I've done it' I thought to myself.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

 This year, the special thing I have learnt from my teacher is new ways of writing from templates on my netbook, they had shared this year. Netbooks also improved my reading and maths on Sunshine Online, and Maths Whizz.
The significant thing I have learnt myself, is going online to post up my work on my personal blog.
This year I learnt from my friends, different kinds of learning sites like Maths Magician, and Maths 101.
I have paired up with a partner to finish up our presentations by sharing it to each other.
Using my netbook helps me to think, relate to others, using signs, and symbols, managing myself, and participating, and contributing.
Having a netbook that is connected to the internet, has helped my learning in so many ways. Everyday, I get new words, and new description words from my netbook on different websites. Netbooks are also very helpful with our researches.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Our Fijian Visitors comes to Thank New Zealnd

Wow!, just Wow!, I am speechless. I am just amazed of what I just saw in our school hall. Their presentation, singing, EVERYTHING, was just a BLAST. First, their haka, then singing, and greeting. Wow!. Visitors from Fiji came to thank New Zealand, for supporting them in Fiji. They were students from Gospel High School (GHS), Fiji. There were more than 20 of them. The year 8 boy from Glenbrae School, performed a haka while Mrs Raj welcomes them in.

First of all, the Gospel High boys performed a Fijian haka to the school. The language, moves was all about confidence, and show how proud they were. The girls introduced themselves, and sang a greeting song. When they played the songs, the Gospel High students came, and greet everyone in the school. It was amazing, how we met them.

Second, the GHS students, performed us a dance. The boys forming a line in the front sitting, and two lines of girls behind them. They were well organized. They danced beautifully, especially the girls. The boys on the other hand was perfect. After that, they did an ice breaker, by sing the Fruit Song. It was fun for everyone, and we really enjoyed it.

When the song finished, the GHS students sang a song to us. Their voices was melodic, and their song was very harmonic. Especially 'Api's solo. His voice was really great. Amazing gift from God.

At the end, they sang a beautiful song, while we leave. Waving goodbye, and shaking hands. I wish they could come again. Thank you Gospel High School Students for coming over. Farewell.

Dance Fever Recount

This morning was very cool. First thing was Dance Fever. Christina, and Captain came a bit late. We got started straight away. Everyone got in their partners they were with last Tuesday. My partner was late, so I had to be partners with Gemima.

We started with the Foxtrot Dance. I knew the moves, but I kept doing them wrong. First, we had to introduce our partners to the hall. It kind of felt weird, because I had never done this kind of thing before. So it was my first time. Gemima got mixed up sometimes. It's all right because we did our best.

Secondly, we did our Cha cha Dance. The song was pretty fast, but we managed to do our move correctly. The second song was faster, so everyone danced fast. It was so fast nearly the whole class got mixed up.

Lastly, we did our Hip Hop routine. Everyone in the class cheered, "Yeah!". Every got into there canon lines. The song was the same, and everyone danced very well. At the end, we did a little dance time. We danced to Gangnam Style. I can't wait for next week. YES!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Long Weekend Recount

Waking up was very hard. Trying to open your eyes when you can’t because, it feels lazy from that long sleep. Trying to sit up, when you can’t because, you feel very lazy. Well, I managed the laziness like the Allies managing the Nazis. I got up just in time for breakfast. Breakfast was scrumptious. I had a shower, and packed up my togs for swimming in the pools. We drove to the supermarket, to buy some snacks for my brother, and I to have while we were at the pools.
When we got to the pools, my Dad went to the gym while, my brother, and I ran to the changing rooms, and got changed. We hopped in, and the pools was warm as baked cookies straight out of the oven. My brother, and I met this boy straight away as we got in the pool. ‘Yes, a new friend’ I thought in my head. My brother, and I was playing for hours, it was very hot as the sun in the water, until it was 1:00pm. My brother, and I got out, and ate half of our snacks. We jumped back in the pool, and relaxed until it was 3:00pm. My brother, and I got out of the pools, and changed into dry clothes.

While, my Dad, brother, and I was waiting for my Mum. My brother, and I ate the rest of our snacks. We waited, and waited for an hour, and a half. It was as boring as hell. After two hours, my sister showed up. “Lisiate, let’s go!” she called out to me. We were relieved, and when we got home, we were so exhausted. My friends came over, and we played until, it got dark. I got home, had a shower, and had dinner. Bedtime, finally, I fell into a very DEEP sleep. Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dance Fever Recount

Today Room 10 had the other lesson today. I lost count of how many lessons we had. Way to many lessons. First, we started of our Foxtrot Dance. It was very simple, easy, and short. The boys had to choose a girl to be partners with.

Secondly, we did our Cha Cha dance. It was very difficult because my brain wouldn't let me remember the moves, and then I got it right. I was partners with Katalina. She was good at dancing. She taught me  during the lesson.

Lastly, we did Hip Hop it was very cool that we all know the moves. We ended by bogeying to Gangnam Style. It was very tiring, and cracking. We all felt tired, and went back to class, and wrote a recount about our lesson. Here I am writing them. I can't wait for next week, and I'll come earlier for the lesson.